Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Page One Documentary

If you adore the New York Times as much as I do (and that is a lot), you must go see this new documentary which hits theaters on June 24th. I am one of those diehards who believes that thriving journalism (as well as photojournalism) is essential to a free and healthy society. But even more than that, I continually worry about the negative impact of digital media upon our lives (so she says on her blog). More and more, everything seems to be disappearing from the physical to the digital (books, invitations, education, interviews, church services, newspapers, cards, romantic relationships, etc.). What does this mean for our sense of presence and genuine relationships? Can we truly know someone or learn something if we, they, or it are not physically present, but rather mediated through a machine?

In my quiet and tiny rebellion against this gnostic trend, I subscribe to the New York Times home delivery. But every time I pick up my newspaper in front of my house, I wonder if I will be doing so in ten years. For me, this documentary offers a chance to ask questions that not only influence the greatest news agency in the entire country, but also the future of our entire society. Go see it!

[P.S. A two-part theology post is coming soon enough.]

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