Thursday, May 19, 2011

Of Gods and Men*

If ever I doubted the power of film, I was proven terribly wrong on Tuesday evening. Of Gods and Men left so many impressions and the deep theological issues addressed seemed overwhelming at times. But oddly enough, the one thing that I took away from this film more than any other is the profound urgency and necessity for intentional Christian communities.

*My apologies for the false posting a few days ago. I realized too late that it is nearly impossible to blog from an iPad and my computer was in the shop. The iPad was returned.


David Baruch said...

I've wanted to see this for some time now.

david driedger said...

I also heard great things about the flick . . . unfortunately many people (like myself) who have been involved in 'intentional Christian communities' cringe when we hear the phrase 'intentional Christian communities'. It seems having a few centuries under your belt like the catholics can help.

Kait Dugan said...

Sorry for the delayed response, David (Driedger). Did you have a bad experience with Christian communities? I just said intentional because the intentionality within this film was such a powerful element to the storyline and showcased the importance of interdependence in times of suffering and persecution.

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