Monday, April 25, 2011

Mt. Athos

I've seen this CBS 60 minutes special covering the holy place of Mt. Athos circulating today. I decided to watch the videos for myself and became quickly enthralled with the content. I am thankful for the coverage since it is the closest I will ever get to seeing Mt. Athos considering they don't allow women to step foot on the peninsula. As a former EO catechumen, I sincerely admire these men; I had difficulty practicing the continual spiritual exercises that they carry out for nearly 21 hours a day. In a real sense, the one monk couldn't be more accurate when he says that there is a continual battle with the forces of darkness in the Orthodox spiritual way of life. Despite my decision to head back West, I can't really explain the longing and feelings of loss that occur when I view these majestic liturgies and formal times of worship. There truly is nothing quite like it on earth. Go here to see the videos:

Mt. Athos - Part 1

Mt. Athos - Part 2

Mt. Athos - 60 Minutes Overtime Bonus

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