Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ayn Rand and "Objectivism"

David Bentley Hart's article in First Things, which heavily and negatively critiques Ayn Rand's philosophy, is quickly circulating around the internets. In case you think that Hart's representation of Rand's views is hyperbolic or bias from his own Orthodox Christian beliefs, behold these videos. I have little to say, for they truly leave me speechless:


Brian Gronewoller said...

Thanks for posting these, Kaitlyn. They were very interesting to watch. It's always amazing to observe authors formulate their opinions - body language, inflection, etc. I hadn't seen Rand speak before. Also, I really found Wallace's questioning style - content and execution - quite preachy and off-putting.

Charles Shingledecker said...

That's how journalists used to do interviews -- PUSH, PROD, and POKE their interviewees, in order to get them to answer TOUGH questions. Today it's all about being nice and not upsetting the guest. Journalism has gone down hill since these days.

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