Monday, January 10, 2011

The List.

A few items:

- I am weary of scholars or professors who are dogmatic in affirming Mosaic authorship. I am equally weary when other scholars or professors dogmatically deny Mosaic authorship. There simply is not enough evidence either internally or externally to argue either way with such confidence. I wish most would ultimately affirm agnosticism even if they find one option more theologically appealing or convincing.

- I've decided to enter into an in-depth study of the book of Romans. Despite the fact that I never finished Koine Greek during my time at GCTS, I just picked up another commentary (Cranfield) in addition to Dunn and Moo. I already fundamentally disagree with one of Dunn's two main arguments which will guide his entire exegetical project. As I've said before, I feel woefully inadequate to say that I disagree with such a seminal biblical scholar such as Dunn. However, perhaps I'll get the courage to post my thoughts on this matter in the coming weeks.

- I picked up Eugene Robinson's Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America. While I have largely been exposed and confined to communities where caucasians are the majority, my parents live in a town that is almost 3/4 black (I never know what the politically correct term is when it comes to racial groups, so forgive me if that term isn't acceptable to anyone reading this post). I've long been influenced and fascinated with black culture and I am thrilled to read this book that promises to probe more deeply into the black identity (or the "splintering" therein).

- The month of January has been and is going to be very busy! I have to finish my two applications to two masters programs, take two classes by Feb. 1st (and spring classes start before this date), finish a book review, continue with my part-time jobs (yes, plural), and not live in my house for the next two weeks as I do all of this. I'm housesitting for a while and it is more difficult than I imagined to transition from my own house into another. However, I really enjoy the time away, it is like vacation.

- I'm debating about whether or not I want to take Negative Theology (NT) at HDS in the spring. Even though I would really enjoy the class, I can't say that I miss the commute to HDS. Moreover, I am taking another Barth seminar this semester at GCTS and we are covering I.2 of the CD. In the Barth seminar at HDS, we didn't touch one page of volume 1. Some argue that the CD can be read backwards, but I don't find this view convincing. As such, I have found that my lack of exposure to volume 1 has proven to be a disadvantage. Plus, Busch's biography is assigned and who doesn't want to keep reading such an amazing work? In short, I don't know if I have time to keep up with the Western fathers reading, the Barth seminar, and one other class if I take the NT class. Decisions Decisions.

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