Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'm not entirely sure if I should be mortified or excited. Nonetheless, it's quite the honor to represent such an extraordinary institution in this small way.


Anonymous said...


You're famous! lol. At least, among those who purchase CT or skim through it at a book store or magazine stand, lol. I like your blurb as well, though I'm disappointed there isn't a Barth quote/shout-out, ha. I also saw you are presenting at the latest theo-forum. Totally wish I could be there. I love those things and wish Vidu and Anders would have established that a little earlier in my seminary career. Oh well. At least I can access things through the forum page and google docs. Hope it goes well and keep me updated on where you plan on going for PhD studies. Pray you are well.

grace & peace,


Anonymous said...

Scatch that CT business, since you said it's a POSTCARD. My bad, lol.

Kait Dugan said...

Thanks, Matt! I'd love to hear your thoughts about my paper and I will surely keep you updated about future study plans ... please do the same, I'd enjoy hearing about your future (pastoral or educational or otherwise) endeavors!

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