Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christoph Blumhardt

Someone showed me this book today that was published about a year ago by Continuum Books entitled Pneumatology and Theology of the Cross in the Preaching of Christoph Blumhardt by Simeon Zahl. If I am not mistaken, I do not remember this book being mentioned on blogs or even discussed much among academics. This troubles me for two reasons:

1. If Karl Barth's personal theological development was significantly influenced by Christoph Blumhardt, why would not more dialogue take place about such an excellent study? Anyone who has read Eberhard Busch's biography of Karl Barth's life and theology knows that Barth's exposure to the charismatic events surrounding Blumhardt's ministry significantly changed Barth's entire theological paradigm. The silence puzzles me.

2. As one who has experienced the best and worst of the charismatic movement and then continuing to embrace reformed doctrine (that statement needs to be qualified but I'll leave it for now), I personally find any study connecting Pentecostalism to the best of the classic Protestant tradition to be incredibly beneficial!

In short, despite my bewilderment, I am thrilled to begin reading this book.

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dean said...

I am reading a .pdf file, Blumhardt's work entitled, "Thy Kingdom Come". I am trying to figure out exactly what the Christian Existentialist is saying. Does he exalt subjective experience over reason?

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